Adeoye Roluga

He has been a Media Consultant at different times to Vanguard Newspapers, Thisday Newspapers, Optima Sports Management International (OSMI) and many Independent Television Producers.

He has also delivered lectures at In-House training programmes at Punch Newspapers and Lintas Ltd.

He is currently a Media Consultant to PRTV-Jos and in the past two years has significantly increased their Sales revenue while reducing their mountain of debts with Advertising Agencies.

 He has been involved since 2001 in the exploitation of major Television properties like African Nations Cup, UEFA Champions League, The Premier League, Nigerian Idol, Nigeria’s Got Talent, the Confederations Cup and of course every World Cup since 2002 to date.

Adeoye Roluga is married with Children and grandchildren and is a Trustee of EMCOAN the official Association of Independent Radio and Television Producers in Nigeria.

D. R. Marketing Communications Ltd

D. R. Marketing Communications Ltd was launched in January 1995 as a Media Marketing Consulting Firm.

We provided Consultancy Services to two prominent national News papers – Thisday Newspapers and Vanguard Newspapers between 1995 and 1996.

By providence D. R. Marketing Communications Ltd expanded into Television syndication in January 1996 after we got a brief for the promotion of Smirnoff a leading International brand of Vodka on the platform of Video Fashion, the number one Fashion programme in the World.

Video Fashion has been the flagship business for D. R. Marketing Communications Ltd since 1996, even as we continued to provide Consultancy services and/or “In-House “training to various Media Organizations and Advertising Agencies.

In 2001 we were conracted to market “ Road To Mali “ as a prelude to the African Nations Cup in Mali in 2002 by the Nigerian Television  Authority – NTA.

We subsequently, also marketed The African Nations Cup broadcast in 2002 for NTA-Network.

In 2002 The Nigerian Television Authority retained our Services for the procurement of Corporate Sponsorship for the NTA contingent to cover the World Cup in Barcelona Spain.

We secured the required Sponsorship from Unilever Nigeria Ltd.

In 2006, we were retained by Optima Sports Marketing International – OSMI to market the 2006 World Cup which we successfully marketed for a reasonable profit even though Nigeria did not qualify for the 2006 World Cup.

After the 2006 World Cup, we acquired the Broadcast Rights to a Spanish Telenovela with English subtitles called “ LaUsurpadora “ meaning “ DECEPTIONS”. This Telenovela was successfully transmitted across several Television Stations in Nigeria.

In 2008 we assisted OSMI to secure a major Sponsorship for the Beer sector by Gulder from Nigerian Breweries for the 2008 African Nations Cup.

OSMI retained our services for the Marketing of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which turned out to be the biggest and most successful monetization of any Television property in the history of Nigeria.

We were also instrumental in securing two major Sponsorships for the 2014 World Cup from Coca cola and Guinness Nigeria.

While Video Fashion remains our core business, we are always looking for opportunities to  represent Programmes Distributors in the Nigerian territory and we are available to help monetize major Television Properties.