Anita Agarry-Oke


Anita Agarry-Oke (arpa), is an Entrepreneur, Content Producer and a well-grounded Media Marketing Consultant with over 19 years’ experience in the Media Industry.

She holds a BSc. degree in Public Administration from Lagos State University (LASU). She also has certificates of participation in several professional trainings such as MIPAN Media Productivity Summit (2011 & 2017), APCON Specialized training for EMCOAN on Media Strategies and Tactics (November, 2014).

She is an Associate Member Registered Practitioner in Advertising (arpa).

As a purpose driven, goal and result oriented professional, her passion lies in building and restructuring the marketing/commercial departments of media houses to enviable heights which is evidenced by the testimonies of the number of stations she consults for.

She is a content producer with premium titles which include In My Closet TV Series, CLOSETS TV Series, Zee Zone Radio Show and Dancehall house Party Radio She is the MD/CEO of Zee Media Services Limited.


Zee Media Services Limited is a Media company with special interests in the area of content production, media marketing consultancy and brokerage on behalf of Media Houses.

The company was established in 2012 by a well-grounded media marketing consultant and content producer, Mrs. Anita Agarry-Oke.

We are the producers of;

IN MY CLOSET’ TV Drama series running on a number of strategically selected TV Stations inclusive of DSTV, GOTV, CONSAT and STARTIMES platforms Nationwide

CLOSETS’TV Drama Series; a pan African TV Series shot in South Africa. The show parades top Nollywood and South African Stars and is showing on Ebony Life TV on DSTV Platform and STARTIMES.

ZEE ZONE RADIO’ Radio Show: an entertainment and informative radio program also running on a number of Radio Stations Nationwide

DHS HOUSE PARTY’ Radio Show: an entertainment show that features amongst other exciting segments great show biz practitioners across all platforms and their contributions to the industry. 

We are also the marketing consultants and sole representative in Lagos and its environs of a number of Radio and TV stations Nationwide.

Our Shows

CLOSETS TV SERIES: This is a story of the immeasurable power and greed of a Nigerian woman whose late husband started an unknown yet successful business with her that is not known to many. The death of her husband has awakened a new enemy within the huge family. The woman’s greed and quest for power knows no bound and she will do all it takes to keep every part of the wealth for herself and her bipolar daughter without minding who gets hurt along the way or their legitimate claim to the wealth.

Duration: 30mins

No. of Episodes: 104

IN MY CLOSET TV SERIES: Is a compilation of several short intriguing stories with subtitles such as ‘HEARTS’, ‘THE CROSS’ & ‘SOUL TO SOUL’ each of which have themes around family, love, betrayal, perseverance, power and ambition.

Duration: 30 mins

No of Episodes: 84

ZEE ZONE RADIO SHOW: “Zee Zone” is a weekly music, entertainment and information radio Show which features Top Charting Songs from around the world, information about our favourite Nigerian upcoming and famous celebrities, and other exciting features to keep our listeners entertained.

The Show is strategically divided into several segments which promise to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Each segment creatively offers a unique set of experience to our dynamic audience.

Duration: 30mins

DANCEHALL RADIO HOUSE PARTY: is a weekly music, entertainment and information radio show anchored by the ace broadcaster and OAP, Sweet Batowei. The Show features amongst other exciting segments great show biz practitioners across all platforms and their contributions to the industry. Lovely old and new top charting songs are among the highlights of this exciting radio show.

Duration: 30mins