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MR. AZEEZ ADETUNJI is the CEO of Magic Media Concept and the producer of the critically acclaimed Television drama series “HOUSE 22”. He was born in 14th of February 1973 in the city of Ibadan in Oyo state. He had his tertiary education both in Ibadan and Lagos. He went to Ladi-Lak institute at Alagomeji in Yaba and also proceeds to MAINLAND HIGH SCHOOL, Fadeyi Yaba. He also went to Ondo State Polytechnics now Rufus Giwa Polytechnics for his Accounting course as a part-time student in 2003.  He is a seasoned producer who is dedicated to the art and craft of creating exciting and entertaining television productions and broadcast contents. Prior to establishing Magic Media Concept, Mr. AZEEZ ADETUNJI had worked in other media houses for other notable production companies including BAYOWA FILMS INTERNATIONAL, AMAKA IGWE STUDIOS, JIMLAT STUDIOS, GOLDENLINK COMMUNICATIONS and also worked briefly with WALE ADENUGA PRODUCTIONS to mention but a few.

Mr. AZEEZ ADETUNJI joined the Nigerian movie industry in 1993 as a trainee editor. Then in 1995, Mr. AZEEZ ADETUNJI worked as an assistant film editor with SINAT STUDIO and also as a projectionist staff. He eventually went on to become a professional film editor whose service was widely appreciated in the industry. He then ventured into production working as a continuity man in a TV production in 1999 with ALBERT EGBE titled “Trees Grow in the Desert”. In 2001, he worked as a film editor with BAYOWA FILMS INTERNATIONAL during which he edited notable films like ELEBOLO by late Yomi Ogunmola, SURUTU, APON’BEPORE, LARINLOODU, and PEROS’OKO. He also edited musical videos like AMERICANA, APPLE JUICE, FUJI GYRATION and many more.

Mr. AZEEZ ADETUNJI left BAYOWA FILMS in 2003 and worked with JIMLAT STUDIOS at Abeokuta as head of studio. In 2004, he worked with the Late AMAKA IGWE’s STUDIO as a film editor and edited the popular TV series FUJI HOUSE OF COMMOTION.

Later on in 2005, Mr. AZEEZ ADETUNJI worked as a senior film editor for GOLDENLINKS COMMUNICATION (A Subsidiary of YEMKEM INT’L owned by Dr. AKINTUNDE AYENI). During this time, he edited some of the films they produced like AGBARA OBIRIN by Adebayo Salami “Oga Bello”, ORANMIYAN by Ojo Ojojolu and even the last film produced by the Late Alhaji Yekeen Ajileye titled “SEGILOLA ABENI-AGBON”. Mr. AZEEZ ADETUNJI left in 2007 and worked briefly with an industry pioneer and a father in the industry Mr. WALE ADENUGA (MFR). He worked as a professional film editor on their TV REALITY SHOW titled “SOUL SISTERS SHOW”. Eventually, in that same year, after garnering experience over the years, Mr. AZEEZ ADETUNJI set up his own company MAGIC MEDIA CONCEPT which has several productions under its belt including TV series airing for many years on several TV Stations.

Company Profile

Magic media Concept was established on 23rd of February, 2011 as a Lagos based content production house with the vision of creating premium and entertaining contents for film and television and other media outlets. In 2010, Magic Media Concept produced the comedy drama series “HOUSE 22” which starred notable actors in the industry like AFIZ OYETORO “Saka”, SUNDAY OMOBOLANLE “Pappy Luwe”, AYO EWEBIYI, JUMOKE GEORGE, LEONARD SLABOH, DELE FAGBOYO and ABASS AKANDE OBESERE. The TV series rapidly grew popular and was loved by a lot of viewers due to its dramatic comedy and moral lessons. It aired on several TV stations, some of which include; RSTV, Galaxy TV, LTV, BCOS, ITV Benin & ITV Abuja and some NTA networks in the north.

After the success of House 22, Magic Media concept went on to produce other television dramas. One of which was “ALAKOSO” which is a Yoruba culture drama serial. Other productions under the umbrella of Magic Media concept include “LADY B” and “HOME SWEET HOME”.

We are a media company that looks into the future and are quick to embrace new trends in the entertainment industry.  And we are committed to upholding the standards of television productions and to keep hoisting the flag of quality that have been erected by our industry pioneers.

We have our mind set on quality production with the set of highly technical crew and seasoned cast in our fold.

 Our office is situated at 31, Celestial Street, off Clem road, Jankara, Ijaiye, Lagos. And our contact email is /

Our Shows


In a typical Lagos house containing many tenants similar to a civilian barrack, HOUSE 22  is a 30 minute Television Comedy Drama Series, which mirrors the NIGERIAN society on the domestic and petty trading front with witty, incisive and humorous dramatic act by seasoned comedians and comediennes to douse the tension from the already tensed NIGERIANS viewers due to economic depression. It’s a story of a funny landlord and his crazy tenants who are all interacting with one another and creating comic commotions within their vicinity.


ALAKOSO is a Yoruba cultural drama serial that Centre’s around a traditional Yoruba family who are contesting among themselves for the position of ALAKOSO which is similar to a governor in modern times. Eventually, a woman from the ruling house is elected as the new ALAKOSO following the death of the most preferred candidate. When the woman assumes office, she begins to unravel the atrocities of the immediate past administration and in a bid to fight the wrong, she finds out that a lot of heads will have to roll! – This serialized drama is a satirical representation of the political atmosphere of Nigeria of today.


LADY B is a TV drama series about the peculiar life of a Fashion Designer, popularly known as Lady B. The story revolves around the explosively dramatic activities in Lady B’s Tailor shop and how she interacts with her customers and her crazily troublesome apprentices. Although she is a lady with a big heart, Lady B is sometimes forced to act strictly so that her apprentice will not ruin her business.


A British born Nigerian comes back home to Nigeria in search of his lost father. Being his first time in Nigeria, he struggles to acclimatize to the Nigerian conditions. Eventually he meets some nice people who are instrumental in assisting him in his quest to find his biological father. This sends him on a roller-coaster adventure in which he finds himself falling in love with a beautiful lady along the line and having a good friend he can trust too.