Debbie Odutayo


Deborah Omowunmi Odutayo popularly known as “Debbie” is an award winning veteran consummate Television Producer with a deep passion for the Television Industry.An Alumni of the University of Jos and TV College Jos, with a wealth of experience that spans across working with top Producers at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and a host of Leading Production Companies in Nigeria.

From 1997 till date, she and her husband Greg have been running one of Nigeria’s Leading Content Creation and Production Companies, Royal Roots Communication Network, which has birthed Royal Roots Television (R2TV) on GOTV Channel 112 and Royal Roots FM (R292.9FM) in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Her Creativity and producing skills are reflected in notable works like Bella’s Place, My Mum & I, Edge of Paradise, About to Wed, The Space Within, House A-Part, Tides of Fate, Soul Sistas and Beyond Blood to mention a few… which were all Produced by Debbie.

The Company has also handled Top Production Projects like Nigeria’s first cooking show – Knorr Taste Quest (KTQ) which Debbie has personally produced FIVE (5) seasons.

She has been able to train and mentor a lot of Producers that look up to her for support and encouragement most of them can now stand on their own. She has passion for the industry and can sometimes be overprotective of her Production team.

Debbie stands for discipline and she is passionate about the belief that life is too short not to make the best out of it. Her favorite color is GREEN, and she also loves arts and crafts, especially sculptures and paintings that she collects anytime she travels or when on tour.

She is the immediate past President of the Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN), the umbrella body for corporate TV content producers in Nigeria, serving as the very first woman in a male dominated industry. Debbie is also a Member of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP).

She was the very first female Judge for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) and in 2018, she was made the HEAD JUDGE of the award show.

With a combined expertise of over three decades in the industry, Deborah Omowunmi Odutayo is obviously numero uno in her craft as a Television Producer.

Debbie has been married to Greg Odutayo for over 23 years with whom she has built a Media Empire; they are blessed with three wonderful young men!


A Radio / Television and Film Production company is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria under the Companies & Allied Matters Decree of 1990 on the 7th day of April, 1994 with registration No. 243449 and a corporate member of the Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN).

As a Television and Film production company, ROYAL ROOTS has some of the latest and best production equipment available in Nigeria. Having on board some of the best television hands in the country, we have over the years honed specific skills with the ultimate hope of creating television products, commercials and programmes that build brands and entertain audiences.

Royal Roots is one of Nigeria’s leading Television content creation and production companies in Nigeria.

Our Programmes

DURATION: 24 Minutes


My Mum & I

This is a comedy series about a mother, Mrs. Lillian Wright, and her teenage daughter, 17 years old Joyce, living together after a bitter separation from the girl’s father Mr. Phillip Wright. The focus of this drama is on the life of a single mother and her very pretty daughter and their experiences in life; how a mother relates to a daughter growing up and her ways of life and also how the daughter deals with her mother’s old fashioned habits.

Joyce in her mischievous self is seen getting up to all forms of antics with her best friend Sandra to try to get her parents back together. Lillian however with the support of her friends deem that an impossibility.

Lillian loves her daughter dearly and is somewhat seen as overprotective by Joyce. However, Phillip aside from his braggadocios attitude is seen as a caring man and would love to return to his wife and daughter.

DURATION: 24 Minutes


Soul Sistas

Soul Sistas is a situational comedy around 4 beautiful single and highly intelligent young ladies who share an apartment. We see their lives, experiences at work, family, love life and how they manage challenges in their everyday existence. Zainab is a financial adviser and the happening babe of the house who believes in using and dumping men at will. Gina is an upcoming actress and the live wire of the house.

She is frequently troubled by how actresses feel it’s the norm to sleep with men for movie roles. Derin is self-employed and basically runs the house. She is the gossip grapevine and constantly gets into squabbles with her housemates as they buy jewelry and clothes on credit and avoid paying. Kiki is a medical student and baby of the house. She believes in getting her way always, as she is a daddy’s girl. She is highly intelligent and parties like a rock star leaving her friends to wonder how she does so well in school.

DURATION: 24 Minutes


Bella’s Place

A situational comedy centered on an upscale hairdressing and beauty salon owned and operated by Bella Daniels. The salon boasts of a manicure and pedicure section. Bella’s two assistants – Onome and Gloria run the salon as Auntie Bella is not always around. She is into other buying and selling stuffs. Sir K and Johnson man the men’s section. Johnson also has the added skill of making women’s hair and he is a darling of all the women.

Gloria is the perpetual flirt, as she goes after anything with a whiff of a fat pocket. We get to see all the gossips, intrigue and actions surrounding characters that work in an upscale salon of this nature. This is specially focused on the women and the various issues that they have to contend with in their everyday lives. Shot in a studio location, Bella’s Place is comedy at its best.

DURATION: 24 Minutes


House A-Part

One of Nigeria’s most exciting and rib cracking comedy series has won multiple awards in Nigeria and abroad in the comedy category.

This is a hilarious thirty minutes fast paced situational comedy tinged with a lot of humour and slapstick actions. It revolves around the intricate relationships existing between the landlord and his tenants as well as the tenants themselves and the various schemes and devices which the landlord employs to exploit his tenants and those which the tenant use to out-smart the landlord and gain his favour.

The triangle between E.T.T (Landlord) and his tenants Saka and Chukwuma creates a rib-cracking web of comedy as it treats issues in society.  House A-part is a rib cracking delight any day and is specially suited for the whole family.

DURATION: 24 Minutes


About To Wed

This is a situational comedy on the lives of two young bachelors and their partners. We see the ups and downs and intrigues of their relationships, the planning and scheming involved with the other ladies in their lives, jealousy, distrust etc. We however never get to see the marriages as they are always ‘About to Wed’.

The couples Kwesi Mensah and Anne Fofo Akwetey, Fred Asamoah and Dzidudu Ofori- Atta are uniquely surrounded by an intriguing couple, Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, the next door neighbors who are quarrelling nearly all the time but whenever they are seen together they cut the picture of a very happy couple in love. This gives the bachelors more reason to grow cold feet continually.