Opa Williams


OPA WILLIAMS STUDIOS is the production unit of Virgin Leisure organization in Nigeria.
It has within its period of existence been able to make marks in its areas of professed competence by providing platforms for talent development, home entertainment, content provision and entertainment entrepreneurship.
It owns the hit Comedy show “Nite of a thousand Laughs” the premier comedy show in Nigeria and in Africa running since 1995,thereby discovering and developing creative witty talents. It is also among foremost
producers of Nigerian home movies, radio programmes as well TV programmes.

To these efforts it has won for itself numerous awards some which are
Best movie- Tears for love -1997
Best movie – Maama 2001
Best Independent Producer NTA 2003
Best Independent Programme NTA 2005
Innovator Award for Entertainment 2008
With over twenty years of media and audio visual practice, OPA WILLIAMS
Studios has come to be recognized amongst it peers as a creative, marketing focused and promises delivery outfit

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