Alayande Stephen T.


Eagles House Global Resources (EGHR) is an integrated marketing communications and production outfit that provides strategic planning, cutting edge productions, public relations, research-based communication solutions and marketing consulting services – each utilizing proven processes that have been refined and validated with proven records with different clients.

EGHR is the Group platform/firm of other companies like Street Creative Studio, a Lagos-based Creative factory cum commercial production house, it is a high quality TV and film cum content-driven commercial production company, inspired by the highly talented entertainment acts in Nigeria and across Africa, we saw the need to bring creativity, mobility and flexibility to the local production industry in Nigeria as well as form synergy/partnership with international production firms big and small around the globe. We remain dedicated to creating cutting edge content, television, film, production with a time-tested emphasis on putting our clients first. Also, TheatreMania African Concepts comes with a unique podium to showcase projects that places on its front burner African culture, ideas, expression and creativity using all forms of channels, platforms and tools to tell and re-tell the true African story on a global scale.

We are also into sales and installation of effective and efficient telecommunications gadgets like Two way Radio, Metal Detectors, Security Gadgets, Antenna etc. We offer secure and reliable customized communications gadgets to meet the needs of different brands/clients/markets. Our in-house experts are well trained to give the best of services and offer superior and technology driven solutions at any given time.

Producer Profile

Alayande Stephen Tolulope is a graduate of Linguistics and African Languages at the University of Ibadan. He equally has an Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in English/Political Science from then St. Andrews College of Education, Oyo now Oyo State College of Education (OYSCOED). He is a specialist in PR/Media/Content and event management. A creative mind with proclivity for writing poems, novels, books and with specialty in putting up & packaging proposals and conceptualizing ideas. He is the Executive Producer of award winning programmes like Ex-Sports, Beyond The Pulpit, Brand Villa, The DIARY, The Bubble, TheatreDome, Splash9ja,, The Sage etc and also co-produced content like Celebrity Back to School (CBS) etc. He is a staunch member of the Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN) and he is current Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Association. He is also an Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) Associate Member. He is a Co-Founder of TheatreMania Africa Festival (TAF).

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– Phone No- 08056112687, 08066627610

TV Produced & Year of Production-

(a) Ex-sports – (Sportainment show)- 2012- till date

 (b) The Diary- (Talk Show)- 2016

(c) The Bubble- (Life Style & Infotainment) – 2016- Till date

(d) TheatreDome- (Arts & Theatre)- 2017- till date

Our Shows


This is an inspirational cum entertainment TV Talk show which primes itself as a platform for guests and celebrities to share their experiences with the audiences and viewers at home.

THE DIARY is targeted at creating a veritable platform for celebrities/guests to inspire the world by telling their stories, showcasing their works, interest and challenges in life and how they managed it. The Diary, which is heavy on sharing experiences, further reinforces the importance of its unique selling proposition of having guests tell the world their untold stories and experiences therefore allowing the audience especially young people out there to draw inspiration and motivate themselves.

The show is anchored by two versatile individuals in Kunle Pelemo (KP),a compere, TV presenter, singer and motivational speaker and Alayande Tosyne, a Broadcaster,  TV/Content enthusiast, fashion designer and a blogger. The combo added humor, passion and camaraderie as they deliver a show that brings real life experiences and entertainment to audiences around the world. The show is stimulating, appealing and exciting. Other basic element of the entertaining  show is to continually represent and bring to fore via the invited celebs/guests what the producers regard as  to as safe, decent and good content that a lot of people can take inspiration from. Hence, the hash tag #werepsafecontent.

Year of Production – 2016- Till Date

Format- 25 mins

Number of Episodes -26

Name of Producer- Alayande Stephen T.

THE BUBBLE- Lifestyle  


This is a programme meant to give a voice to people on the street affording them opportunity to give a burst of their different opinions on severally topical issues bordering on daily challenges and every other basic happenings in the society. It is a platform that gives an echo to different cacophony of voices on the street.


(A) STREET GINGER – The main/the crux of the show in itself is the street interview where we get the opinion of people on different topical issues. 

(B) SHOWCASE – A few minutes video of different topical issues. It is to further buttress the Communicating Change Initiatives (CCI).

(C) FOOTNOTE- This is the editorial of the show. It can either come in formats of experts interview or a picture/video driven piece of analysis to further educate the people on the particular topic of discourse.

(D) CRANK IT – A few minutes funny videos local or international. This segment is meant to have people cracking with jokes.

Year of Production – 2016- Till Date

Format- 25 mins

Number of Episodes – 26

Name of Producer-Alayande Stephen T.

EX-SPORTS – Sportainment Show on TV  


It is a 30 minutes sporting programme, it x-rays different segments like Sports Greats– This is s special segment meant to show case the very best of individuals, teams etc that have over the time cut a niche for themselves in their chosen sporting career. News Ex-tra is a segment meant to inform, educate and update the viewers of latest in the sporting world. Sportmattaz is pot-pourri of sporting activities, events and talks that will bring smile to the faces of our viewers back home while U Think U Know is another educative segment meant to tickle the brains and engage the viewers in a sporting intellectual session. The other two are Brand Sports and Fans Zone, the former tends to look at different companies/brands that have sponsored one sporting programme or the other while the latter is a segment where the fans can express their minds after on different sporting related issues. The last four segments which were recently added are On The Spot, it simply connotes placing sporting personalities and celebrities on a special interview spot, Celeb 5 where celebrities are allowed to mention their preferred Top 5 sporting issues related and Game N Style as the name implies is the fashion angle to sports while the last one EX-Special, is a very unique coverage cum reportage of any sporting activities and events within and outside the shores of the country.      

Year of Production – 2012- Till Date

Format- 25 mins

Number of Episodes – 102

Name of Producer-Alayande Stephen T.


This is a TV Show for the lovers and followers of theatre productions, stage play, dance and everything art represents. Basically, the focus will be on everything done on stage to entertain, educate and inform.

The segments of the show are :

(a) CROSS-OVER- This is a special interview for actors and actresses who are involved in both stage productions and Nollywood movies.

(b) DANCE- This is everything DANCE as it were from the artistic/creative point of views. It affords us opportunities to creatively showcase different kinds of dances in Nigeria e.g Hip-Hop, African, Contemporary, Salsa, Pathomia etc. Here, we showcase different kinds of dance group on a weekly basis, there rehearsals, their struggles, passion, how are they surviving, challenges etc   

 (c) SPOTLIGHT – This a showcase of different Theatre groups and their work of arts. From their events, rehearsals, daily struggle, promotions of their works etc.

(d) TUSK- Brief videos of other Africans theatre works and shows. From South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi etc It is important to give them credit when showing their works.

(e) MESH- This is a one off kind off segments where we spotlight other different artistic activities from folktales, painting, story-telling, poetry rendition, ewi chanting etc.

Year of Production – 2017- Till Date

Format- 25 mins

Number of Episodes – 13

Name of Producer-Alayande Stephen T.