Ashimi Kemi


Oladipupo Emmanuel Ashimi was born on the 15th of July 1966. He is from Ijebu-Ijesha in Osun state, where he had his primary and secondary education. He is a descendant of the Sanni-Arewa (Oshodi Ruling House). He is presently the Managing Director of Tendencies Plus Media, where he oversees the production, distribution and marketing of Together, The Journey and SoundVision on TV.

He is a trained business administrator who has served in different capacities in the private sector. He was an Assistant Personnel Manager at Hademec Nigeria Limited, Ilupeju and he worked with Galaxy TV for seven years before establishing the media outfit now known as Tendencies Plus Media, which he runs with his wife, Mrs. Oluwakemi Ashimi.

Oladipupo is a certified minister who was called  into pastoral Christian ministry in 2010. He trained at L.I.F.E. Theological Seminary, Ikorodu Lagos. He holds an HND in Business Administration from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos and a Post-graduate degree in Christian Leadership from L.I.F.E. Theological Seminary, Ikorodu, Lagos.

When he is not working, he enjoys volunteering in church or relaxing at home. Oladipupo is married with kids. Producers of entertaining and inspirational TV programmes.

He has 30 years experience in the Nigerian media industry and is known as a go-getter. He has passion for TV/Radio production and media marketing. He has being running a marketing outfit on the platform of Azhmie Communications Company (now Tendencies Plus Media) since year 2003.

About The Company

Tendencies Plus Media currently run three programmes, TOGETHER, a family soap opera; THE JOURNEY, a serial soap opera; and Sound Vision entertainment. The programmes are all running on television stations across Nigeria. The firm also offers video coverage and post-production services.

Our Shows



Introduction: Tunji and Bimbo are from polygamous families with too many siblings which their parents could not cater for. So when they got married, they planned to have at most two kids, a boy and a girl. This wish did not come to pass as they ended up having two girls. They decided not to have any issue again though Tunji always secretly crave for a son. With hard work, they attained to upper middle class. Tunji is a successful businessman aspiring to be a governor or a senator in the nearest future, bimbo is equally successful in her trade. The two children, Funmi and Tolu, are both undergraduates of the University of Lagos. Breatrice, a divorcee, the younger sister of Bimbo, stays with the family.



Calm, kind, witty, analytical and easy going. He is an engineer, retired civil servant but not tired. He runs an engineering firm which he hopes to bequeath to his child, preferably a son, one day. He is an ‘Africanist’ who strongly believes that he will still get a son to inherit his wealth though his wife is fast approaching menopause. He is heavy into politics going from one political meeting to the other. He aspires to be a governor or a senator in the nearest future. As a result of this, he tries relentlessly to stay away from any form of scandal as much as possible. He loves his family.


Beautiful, well shaped, curvy. She is a direct opposite of her younger sister, Beatrice, who stays with the family after divorcing her husband in the UK. Bimbo is an extrovert who likes to party. She runs a successful mini market in the neighbourhood. This gives her the opportunity to come across a lot of people. She loves her husband and will not easily succumb to temptations, especially from the flock of younger men who always admire her.


She is the first child of the Williams’. Pretty, full bodied, friendly, sexy looking with cleavages that make men turn to have a second look. Funmi is a final year student of Theater Art Department, University of Lagos. To her, life is a large stage where all humans play their roles. She loves her career with passion.

She aspires not only to be a successful actress like Julia Roberts; she also wants to be an accomplished director like James Cameron. She is an extrovert and does not like her aunty, Beatrice, whom she sees as a intruder. Unlike her aunt, she has more girl friends than male friends.


Tolu is the baby of the house though she does not like to be called that or treated as such. She is a tomboy who dreads to look sexy.

She is second year engineering student of Unilag. She likes to be treated with respect claiming she is no longer a ‘small girl’. She likes her daddy and aunty Beatrice who spoils her silly with gifts.


Beatrice is the younger sister of Bimbo. She was once married in the UK. She is now divorced and back at ‘home’. She is a barrister at law who relishes her freedom a lot. She often nags and finds it difficult to stay under a man as a wife. Apart from being a lawyer, she is a dogged human right fighter. She has more male friends than female. She often stands in for her highly social, ever busy sister, Bimbo, in the area of domestics. This is one thing the children, especially Funmi, don’t like. Funmi sees this as over stepping her boundary and this could be dangerous.


There will also be minor characters like domestic servants, gateman, driver, house help, friends and relations of the major characters. These people will NOT be too prominent. They come and go when needed.


Through the model family created above, social issues affecting the Nigerian family will be treated. It is not soap but a half hour family TV series with a touch of humour.



Introduction: Is a generic name on which platform stories of different dimensions are treated. A particular story in focus on the platform of Tendencies Plus Media will run for maximum of twenty six episodes. That particular story ends and another story commences. This way, there is no room for boredom. The stories are fast-paced. They are exciting stories that change with time. They are stories that touch the heart; stories that reveal the tendencies of man in the face of trials and storms of life. They are stories that are believable yet incredible.

Is a life history serial drama that would come often with titles that teaches moral, educating the society on how to relate with one another, the need to have hope and better thought for everyone around us. It touches the heart; need to care for one another.

CONCEPT:  Tendencies Plus Media is a platform of TV serial drama bringing life story to our audience on the face of television tube of what has happened in the past to teach moral especially the youth, family and the society at large. With this concept, we would be running different stories of life of at least twenty six episodes each. Is a serial drama that teaches moral, educating the society on how to relate to each another, thereby creating hope and better thought for everyone around us.



Sound Vision is a socio-cultural musical programme that promotes Nigeria indigenous music industry. It provides close up at the indigenous top recording companies and up-coming artistes through interviews, video clip and musical shows. On this programme we equally have entertainment news of the current activities in the industry.

The target audiences are adult, youth, middle and upper class of the society, our orientation is unique and acceptable by our targeted viewers. Sound Vision is a thirty minutes programme of different segments with three major ones to be feature such as top five musicals for the week based on data research report.



This is a 10 minutes segment dedicated to musical only on the show, in which they are being played with the rate and qualities of their musical videos and message rate to reach out to the people. The musicals are arrange according to the number of vote countdown by our viewers across the Federal Republic of Nigeria and followed by either of the following.

  • Soul entertainment for the family where entertainment news, fashion and musical shows are been display.
  • Celebrity of the week which may be an actor/actress, comedian or musician
  • Reality of life base on either present and past occurrences
  • Past and present icon which may be personalities in our society, politician, religious leader etc.

Sound Vision was designed to champion campaign against youth orientation programmes such as drug addicts, HIV aids, prostitution and human trafficking and other related issues in our society, we also use the programme to recognize prominent Nigerians that are there for the enlistment of better future for this country through event or award presentation.

Furthermore, sound vision has been making waves since October 2005 and it has spread all over South West, Eastern and Northern parts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and have carved recognition for herself even in the media industry and in all advertising agencies, we are known as the “reach to unreachable”.