Beatrice Ojo

CEO Beaumark Intl services Ltd

Beaumark Intl services Ltd

Beaumark is a company that talks and teaches the real value of human relationship in life. Beaumark has an estimated viewership of over 1 Million viewers

Our Shows



Frank a promising young man is engaged to Shade his childhood sweetheart until he meets Debbie.

Frank abandons a heartbroken Shade for psychedelic Debbie whom he feels is more outgoing and “taller” and they get married against his family’s wish.

Life would later become a living hell for Frank as Debbie begins to exhibit a never-satisfied-lifestyle. An unpredictable Debbie becomes everything nasty for everyone on every occasion

Frank, frustrated by Debbie’s naggings goes begins to make up with Funke who bears him a boy child. a development the would put Frank’s marriage through several storms.



Ruth, a supposed adolescent daughter of Pedro, a mega don who owns a major business empire in town is being blackmailed by John.

John happens to be Ruth’s original father, but this secret is known by only Ruth and John. Ruth confirms John’s claim of being her father after she consented to a DNA test with John. Ruth does not want to lose the comfort and splendour she has known from childhood as Pedro’s daughter, and so would do anything for John to keep the secret. John uses this weapon to milk the Pedro’s through Ruth.

John’s daughter, Marylyn – a brilliant chap, is on scholarship in same school with Ruth. Ruth has a deep seated hatred for Marylyn for her brilliance and relevance in school. Ruth doesn’t know though that John is Marylyn’s father.

Nora, Marylyn’s mum is faced with the heartbreak of John’s obvious hatred for Marylyn which she doesn’t seem to understand why a father will detest his own daughter so much.

Ruth, being fed up with John’s blackmail, sets out to find out how come John is her father, a secret that is known to only John. Her search reveals she was swapped at the hospital at birth by an auxiliary nurse who was handed tags at the hospital to tag the babies at the nursery.

Ruth decides to end this circle on graduation. She opens up to the Pedro’s that she is not their daughter and also reveals that John has been the reason behind her endless demands for money. This is a pill too bitter for them to swallow, but they find solace in the fact that Marylyn, their own child has also graduated with a more excellent performance and national recognition.

Nora has mixed feelings; the sadness of losing Marylyn a child she has loved and nursed from birth and has always known as hers and the joy of having Ruth her real child. John loses it all as he is faced with Pedro who vows to make life miserable for him and the pain of losing both Marylyn and Ruth who both detest him.



Vibe Cafe is a 30 minutes Magazine show with 4 segments, ranging from fascinating topics around the globe, lifestyle, fashion, vox pop and a review of the latest movie or music in Africa and even around the world.

The show will actively encourage viewer engagement as the viewers may have the chance of deciding what topic to be discussed on the show. Also viewers’ feedback also forms a discussion on the show sometimes.

The good thing about this show, is that every topic or segment on the show is handled and discussed by a professional in that field so viewers could drop their questions and get a feedback from the guest in the next episode. 

Another good thing about the show is that we can agree to design our studio with your brand and the presenters will also talk about your brand on the SHOW.

Target audience

The show is designed for audiences 18 and above.