Your fatherly role to EMCOAN members is irreplaceable.
Remembering the astounding impact and the indelible mark you left in the heart of every member of the association makes your demise utterly painful and difficult to accept. We will surely miss your presence and unquantifiable words of wisdom in our future deliberations
We love you but God loves you most. You have fought the good fight, you have kept the faith and there is laid up for you a crown.
Rest in His bosom.
Mrs. Jibe Ologeh
President EMCOAN
MD/CEO, Rwells Media
“I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.” —Leo Buscaglia
I am honored and blessed to have known Uncle Roluga. He was truly a blessing to Emcoan and I will miss him. My condolences.
Mr. Tubosun Olaegbe
Vice President 1, EMCOAN
MD/ CEO, Genesis Studios
It was an honour and a rare privilege as the General Secretary of a professional body of Content Owners in Nigeria – Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN) to have crossed path with you in the last few years. This opportunity I will cherish forever.
As fondly called by our members (EMCOAN), Daddy Roluga, you were a blessing to our association and to a lot of lives. Your wisdom, reproof, encouragement, selfless service, commitment and advice is what we will miss most.
Your unparalleled experience and exposure of the Media Content /Broadcast Industry gained over the years has been very helpful for different leadership of EMCOAN to navigate the murky water. Adieu our very own Oga and member of the Board of Trustee (BOT)- ( EMCOAN).

Alayande Stephen Tolulope
General Secretary, EMCOAN
MD/ CEO, Eagles House Global Resources
Daddy Roluga,
Daddy as I fondly call you, your transition is still a rude shock i have refused to accept. I guess it’s easier and relieving to live in self denial of the reality.
For every time you walk into our meeting, i am pleasantly joyful, your fatherly care, love, devotion and attention is unparalleled. 
It was a memorable experience meeting you though the frequency with which we met was brief and each time you came with gifts for every member of the association.  This you did till December 10th 2020.
You are so thoughtful and kindness epitomized. It’s saddening to imagine I will never see those beautiful smiles of yours anymore but I am consoled with the fact that where you are is better and peaceful.
Keep resting peacefully till we behold each other again.

Your beloved daughter,
Anuoluwapo Awofisan.
MD, Character Matters Concept
Daddy Roluga, you were a father indeed. Humble and kind. I crossed your path several years ago when I worked for a TV station. The little advise I gave to you sank into you and you never stopped calling me “my oga”  That was how humble you were. You will remain in our hearts forever. Rest in peace Daddy Roluga.

Mrs. Anita Agarry- Oke
Financial – Secretary, EMCOAN
MD/ CEO, Zee Media Services Limited
Our path first crossed in the early eighties as a young staff of the Nigerian Television Authority and you as one of the pioneer management staff of Vanguard Newspapers. I cannot readily recall what took me to the corporate head office by Kirikiri town, must have been in the line of duty. I recall with fond memories a visit to the advert department where you held sway, probably wanted to place advert or vetting some advert briefs. You were always well turned out in your well tailored suite and briefcase to match.

The meetings at the editorials always stood you out with very calm disposition. I recall you meeting with the likes of the popular senior female columnist Obiageli, light skin with low cut and the likes of Jimi Disu as one of the popular journalist with the newspaper. I would listen with rapt attention when you discuss editorials and advert placements.
Our path crossed again when you were now practicing as a fully fledged advert agent with your office at Anthony or Maryland, can’t recall the exact place. It was a very brief interaction then for a client wanting to shoot an advert. We had since lost touch. 

You can imagine my joy when I met you at EMCOAN. Apart from feeling at home, I recalled my younger days in the profession and your encouragement even in my very naive state. Even when we interact at the virtual meeting, I kept recalling those early years for I feared you may not remember if I attempt to remind you. I was patiently waiting for the opportunity for the physical meeting and interaction so that I can glowingly recall the earlier years of your mentoring in the media profession. Your elaborate 70th birthday celebration last year is a testimony of how well loved by all with the attendance.

Alas, the news of your demise broke. You can see how sad and devastated I will be and the adverse effect the news had on me. I did not even realize that you provided the t-shirts at the end of year gig. I particularly like it as I have preference for cotton materials which I have been using as a camisole. 

We will miss your counsel, calm disposition and your ever willing to help and groom the younger ones. We can only pray God to give us all the fortitude to bear your loss and console your family. Adieu, Our Elder Adeoye Roluga.

Hajia Aminah Muhammad
MD/ CEO, AIMS Media Company Limited
Daddy, I am honored to know you in NTA early in the 90s as an honorable man, that was full of humility.. You never change from this when I met you in EMCOAN rather I met a God fearing man with the grace of giving, a joyful man that was full of life!
The news of your death is unbelievable! We can’t forget you because you are not dead in our memory.
Daddy Roluga, Please, lives on at the right hand of the Lord !

Mr. Omirin Adeniji
MD/CEO, ADNOM Communications